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“Mridanga Ratna” “Mridanga Marthanda” Vankayala Ramana Murthy is the 4th generation musician from his family. Born to the renowned Mridanga Vidwan “Kala Ratna-Hamsa Awardee” “ Mridanga Kala Tapaswi” Sri. Vankayala Narasimham and Smt. Sita Ratnam on 09.08.1963.

V V Ramana Murthy has been recognized as a child prodigy and holds the credit of playing his first concert at the age of 8. He was also the winner of AIR- Annual Music competition in the year 1981. He has been awarded the highest grade in AIR (All India Radio) “TOP GRADE” in Mridangam in the year 2007.

V V Ramana Murthy is an extensive performer for the past 4 decades with all the top Indian Classical musicians of both Carnatic and Hindustani styles as well as Jazz Groups. He has also participated in many National Programs, Sangeet Sammelan concerts, South Zone hook-up Concerts, O.B Concerts of both AIR and Doordarshan.

V V Ramana Murthy also has the credit of continuing the legacy of teaching to many students. To name a few D. Sai Vidya Sagar, K. Ramkumar, V. S. Chakravarthy, V. Pavani Charan, Prasanna Kumar .K, K. Neeraj Kumar, Vamsi, Hardeep Singh, Vankayala Sri Sudha Krishna and more….

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“Mridanga Kala Tapaswi” “Mahamahopadhyaya” SRI VANKAYALA NARASIMHAM is the son of Sri Lakshmana Swamy and Smt. Venkata Lakshmi. He belongs to a family of traditional music, right from the time of his fore fathers. He received systematic training initially from Sri Sripada Sanyasi Rao and later from Sri Mullapudi Lakshmana Rao in Gurukula style and started providing mridangam accompaniment from the age of 11 years.

With tireless practice, research oriented originality and discipline; he continues to maintain the purity of carnatic music in an uncompromising adherence to the tradition. Sri Narasimham has provided accompaniment to all front ranking musicians and won appreciation. During his tenure in All India Radio, he has produced a number of Radio features — Chaturananam , Prakruti Laya etc. besides Bhakthi Ranfani programmes

He has produced a number of mridangam artists and successfully groomed up his students as most sought after vidwans of this generation with performing skills as well as knowledge, engaged in furthering his musical heritage.

Sri Narasimham being a lyricist, vocalist and versatile composer is doing great service in propagating and popularizing the rare compositions of "Apoorva Vaggeyakaras"- Sri Santuru Krishnamachayulu, Sri Upadrashta Sivaramadasu, Sri Toomu Narsimha Dasu, Sri Adibhatla Narayanadasu, Sri Kowali Rajeswara Rao etc.,

From 1992 Sri Narasimham is giving guidance in Bharati Kala Vihara music school as its Principal, teaching mridangam and devotional music to students coming from different Parts of India i.e., Manipur, Meghalaya, West Bengal & Orissa on modern teaching methods, incorporating easier techniques without compromising with basic principles.

Sri Narasimham is a Top Grade Artist in Mridangam and a B-High Grade Artsist in Devotional music.

He devoted to the ideals and dedicated his life at the feet of Lord Sri Ramachandra.



V.V.Ramana Murthy

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